EverGreen Battery ProgramEvergreen Battery Program

You'll never need to buy a replacement battery or replacement battery kit, just like life-time warranty, though a lot better. Here it is why ...

We bring this new program called Evergreen Battery Program in response to hundreds of calls and emails asking for a lifetime warranty battery.

We give you an improved battery program that makes you say WOW. Standard battery warranty for a term of one, two, three years is becoming obsolete compared to our new Evergreen Battery Program.

1. How about lifetime warranty and and free battery replacement?

I know it is to good to be true, yet we make it happen because you asked for it and we sure listen to what you need!

Super activated batteries that have twice the life of a regular regular battery and provide extended run time to better support your devices.

We want you to have peace of mind and enjoy the worry free Evergreen Battery Program for as long as you want.

2. How about 50% discount on purchase price and life time warranty?

We understand budget can be slim or simply put, we want you to spend your money on other things that can help your business or personal interest and spend less on batteries every year.

Why investing in batteries every year and have no idea when they will fail? We make it simple, pay 50% from battery cost and pay a very small subscription of  5% from the battery cost every month for which we will provide extra services that will keep your batteries running at top performance.

That gives you the advantage of a small initial investment and gives you the free replacement battery anytime and every time batteries are not performing within parameters.

3. As we understand run time is important for your equipment, we provide proactive replacement batteries in case they are not performing well.

With our Evergreen Battery Program we contact you every 3 months and provide you details on how to test your battery performance and identify if the battery is in top shape. We have leading edge technology to keep your batteries running at top performance for many years to come.

4. We are protecting the environment and keep our planet green, with less pollutants for the us and for generations to come, reusing the very materials that we consider obsolete. We use 90% less carbon footprint as we know how important is the air we breathe and the planet we share.

Feel the unlimited power of the future battery, without the worry to lose power or to have unexpected bills from paying for replacement batteries. 

Eliminate UPS downtime as well as the equipment connected to it with our continuous testing and monitoring of your batteries and UPS units. 

Let's recap:

- Unlimited battery or batteries replacement

- 50% less cost

- Battery run time test notifications and instructions.

- Eliminate UPS downtime as well as the equipment connected to it

- Access to Technical Expertise

- Battery test notifications and share technics and technology to extend the battery life and performance

- Access to our experienced technicians that will do all the work for you to maintain, replace or upgrade UPS or batteries or to help you with UPS integration, management, monitoring and reporting

- Access to 24/7 Advanced Support System providing email alerts, traceability, accountability, incident management and reporting

- 9AM-5pm Live Agent Support Plus

Enroll before October the 1st in Evergreen Battery Program to empower you and your business with the most advanced Battery support services program and receive an extra 10% off.

Having a Battery for life is now possible.