Ever Green UPS Program powered by Battery UPS for LESSSump Pump UPS Continuous Power

Your Sump Pump will still pump rain water even if power grid is down.  You'll never need to buy a replacement UPS or batteries, just like life-time warranty, but a lot better. Here it is why ...

We bring this new Sump Pump UPS Continuous Power program in response to your feedback.

In other words, we received a lot of emails and calls on how we can avoid basement flooding in case of power failure. We have statistics that show that over 27% of house owners with sump pumps had their basement flooded at least once and over 68% of those ones had at least a second incident. This is just a large cost for the home owners to pay for not having continuous power to their sump pumps in case of power outage.

In the scenario of a heavy rain it is highly possible to have a power outage too, that would lead to have your sump pump stop and the rain water to flood your basement and damage walls, floors, furniture and generate fumes and mold that is harmful to your health, not mentioning electrical shock hazard and other hazards that can affect you and your family.

With our new Sump Pump UPS Continuous Power program we eliminate all the hassles and inconveniences of having you to deal with such incidents of basement flooding generated by sump pump downtime, UPS and batteries maintenance, UPS and batteries warranty incidents, UPS or battery failure, UPS and batteries replacing process, managing yourself the process of UPS and batteries replacement job, scheduling resources to make it happen, lifting heavy UPS or batteries and paying unexpected and expensive bills. We take care of the proper functionality of your UPS, batteries and test your sump pump system based on our maintenance schedule.

We understand the need for your sump pump to have continuous power as we provide it to other critical equipment for Data Centers, IT infrastructures, 2D or 3D printers, Medical Equipment, Computers, DVRs - Security Cameras Systems, Alarm Systems, Internet Modems and Routers,  Business liquid pumps and many more systems in need for keeping the heart beat of patients, homes or businesses all together.

We went above and beyond in researching and understanding our customer needs, investing in our customers so we can better help them protect their investments, maintain a safe home environment, reduce risk and grow their business, because we know how Uninterruptible Power Systems can change the world for the better while keeping our ourselves safe and our planet safe and green.

Our response to you for eliminating basement foods is our new Sump Pump UPS Continuous Power program , introduced to keep your sump pump running even when power grid is down while providing a total care for your sump pump UPS system. Here are some of these products and services that will boost your business and productivity and reduce liability and overhead effort:

- Unlimited UPS and batteries replacement

- UPS upgrade for 50% of the cost

- UPS Managing, Monitoring and reporting, to allow us and you to have a clear view on how your UPS are protecting your equipment, where they are geographically located and ensure they are always working within parameters (if UPS units are capable of wired or wireless Internet monitoring integration).

- Access to Technical Expertise to provide you the UPS solution that meets your business needs and fits your budget

- Access to our experienced technicians that will do all the work for you to maintain, replace or upgrade UPS or batteries or to help you with UPS integration, management, monitoring and reporting

- Access to 24/7 Advanced Support System providing email alerts, traceability, accountability, incident management and reporting

- 9AM-5pm Live Agent Support Plus

Enroll before September the 1st in Sump Pump UPS Continuous Power program to protect your home from flooding, property damage, stress and safety hazards while receiving an extra 10% off.

Additional Term Discounts:

2 Year - 10%

3 Year - 20%

Having a UPS working properly was never easier.